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Trial by jury? Presumption of innocence? What's Biden got against the English law?


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Marc S. Berman

April 13, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently called for changing “white man’s culture.” When I heard that, I figured that he meant, say, ditching Cole Porter for Daddy Yankee and Snow. I mean, who needs a verbose song like “So in Love” — “Strange, dear/ but true, dear/ when I’m close to you, dear/ the stars fill the sky” — when contemporary hits like "Con Calma” get to the point so much faster — “I like your poom-poom, girl."

So imagine my surprise when I heard the actual speech of "Lunchbox Joe." He mentioned nothing about rolling over Beethoven. He didn’t even dis Plato or Rembrandt.

Rather, Biden merely stated that “English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture” must “change.” For those who only speak English, “jurisprudential” refers to the theory behind the law.


n the old days of full white, English jurisprudential supremacy, accusations of criminal conduct wouldn’t be publicized by the press, let alone investigated by the authorities, without being backed up by credible evidence. But today, someone can accuse anybody deemed politically incorrect of any crime, however improbable, and the case will turn into a cause célèbre. There’s no need for the accuser to even remember trivial details such as time or place. And there’s certainly no need for witnesses.






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