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UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Watch What Filmmaker Finds When He Attends UNC & Duke Summit On Israel: 'They Should All Be Ashamed'


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James Barrett

Apr. 11 2019

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to attend UNC’s joint conference with Duke University on the “Conflict over Gaza” (held March 22-24), an event that was awarded $235,000 in grant money. Told he wasn’t allowed to film by conference organizers, Horowitz brought a hidden mic and a concealed camera to document what really went on at the conference. What he found left him declaring that the two universities and the 38 departments and schools that co-sponsored the event “should all be ashamed.”

Horowitz explains at the beginning of the video that he decided to go to the event in order to “get a sense of the perspectives of the people attending the conference.” What he discovered was not only a lot of “bashing Israel” and “whitewashing” Hamas, but an alarming degree of “open anti-Semitism.”





BTW April 11 1945 Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated

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