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How Gender Identity Extremism at UN Threatens Rights of Real Women and Girls


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When thousands of delegates and activists from around the world gathered recently in New York for the United Nations’ 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, the ostensible purpose of the 12-day gathering was to discuss the priority theme of access to social protection systems and to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls. 

Although too often these women’s conferences fall into the trap of defining women and women’s issues solely in terms of reproduction (obviously, an important component of womanhood, though not the only one), a newer danger to addressing women’s genuine needs was on full display at this conference. 

Rather than just reducing women’s needs and priorities to issues pertaining to their biological and reproductive capabilities (as though women care solely about sexual and reproductive health), this radical ideology now threatens to erase biological women from the discussion altogether. 

The rapidly changing and ever-expanding ideology of so-called gender identity threatens to undermine women’s economic, social, and political progress in unprecedented ways.:snip:

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Her Daughter Has to Compete Against Biological Males in Track. Now This Mom Is Speaking Out.

Bianca Stanescu’s daughter, Selina, competes in high school track. But transgender atheletes are now competing with Selina as well—and it could affect her future in the sport, as well as whether she’s seen by college recruiters. Plus: Jennifer Bryson, founder of Let All Play, discusses how biological males playing sports puts women at greater risk of injury.

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