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Trump Is Already Plotting His Post-White House Tell-All Memoir


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As he navigates turbulent domestic and international affairs, President Donald Trump has been keeping one eye on an opportunity that awaits him in his post-White House career.

Since at least mid-2017, Trump has been talking about the post-presidential memoir he will write, or, more likely, have ghostwritten on his behalf. He is planning on it being explosive and assumes (not without reason) that it will be a New York Times bestseller. And since the early days of his administration, he has conveyed his eagerness to get started on the project.

“He sounded excited about it,” said one person who was present last year when the president made comments about writing a memoir. “He said it would sell better than even The Art of the Deal.

Another source, who is a friend of Trump’s, said the president has casually discussed how such a book could be used to dish dirt and settle scores with his foes in the media, the Democratic Party, non-loyal Republicans, law enforcement, and even individuals in his own administration. Trump, according to this person, noted that this memoir could help “correct” the “fake news” already published in popular books and newspapers, and give him the opportunity to spin a juicy yarn on his time at the heights of power.

The source recalled there was at least one time when he heard the president say, “that’ll go great in a book,” referring to something that had just happened in a social setting. The implication left was that Trump was passively taking note of potential fodder.


The naming of names?

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