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CNN's Don Lemon laughs at Democrats running to unseat President Trump in 2020


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CNN's Don Lemon had a curious response when a colleague on the news network mentioned the Democrats seeking to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020.


He laughed.

Lemon was discussing with Chris Cuomo how difficult a time news organizations were having to keep up with lies from the Trump administration.

"I don't see how he wins again with the numbers that he has right now, I don't see it," said Cuomo.

"Have you seen what the Democrats are going?" Lemon laughed, implying Trump should have an easy time getting re-elected against any of the Democrats running so far.

"Well listen, you can't beat somebody with nobody," Cuomo said dismissing the disarray on in the Democratic race for the nomination.

Lemon then opined that Trump would be doing a lot worse if former President Obama hadn't "set up" the economy for success.

The Democratic race has been derailed by emphasis on incongruities with the "Me Too" movement involving the two front-runners. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is facing criticism over harassment during his 2016 campaign that many say he ignored or didn't take seriously enough.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden is also battling against accusations that he made a former Nevada lawmaker uncomfortable when he sniffed her hair and kissed her without permission, according to her account.

Other Democrats are upset that the two top Democratic front-runners are white and male.


It's easy to laugh at clowns...

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