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Conservative Judge Brian Hagedorn Declares Victory in Election to Wisconsin Supreme Court


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Andrew Kugle
April 3, 2019

Appeals Judge Brian Hagedorn claimed victory Wednesday in the race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat that has come down to the wire.

With over 1.2 million votes cast, Hagedorn, who was backed by conservatives, leads Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer by 50.2 percent to 49.8 percent, a margin of 5,500 votes. The margin is close enough that both campaigns are preparing for a recount. According to Wisconsin law, a recount can occur if the margin between candidates is less than one percent.

Hagedorn released a statement on Twitter where he claimed victory and called his lead "insurmountable."

"The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and our margin of victory is insurmountable," Hagedorn said in the statement. "And I thank everyone who supported us along the way. This was a true grassroots campaign fueled from the bottom up."

If there is a recount and Hagedorn prevails, he will replace liberal Justice Shirley Abrahamson, who disclosed she had cancer last year. The race has significant repercussions for the state because it ensures a conservative majority on the court until 2023 and will decide on cases like gerrymandering and former Gov. Scott Walker's (R.) controversial government reforms.


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There were millions of outside the state money going in to this race. A lot from Eric Holder's PAC. As most people are paying attention to the more popular races, slowly but surely the liberal game is to go from the bottom up, as evidenced by the State AG races that they put big money in across the country in the last election cycle and won quite a few (Wisconsin being one). The game is to block and delay laws or Presidential actions that they don't like by bring State suits against the Federal government. The game with the judges is to get as many liberal judges as possible in the lower courts, so in most instances they get their liberal agenda without ever having to worry about the US Supreme Court.We've already seen both of these things taking place and in many instances, pretty effective. We won't have to worry about taking the voices away from 'fly over' country by taking away the Electoral College = they'll do it in the courts.

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In Wisconsin, a Vote against Anti-Christian Bigotry

Religious belief isn’t incompatible with public service.

Wisconsin supreme-court candidate Brian Hagedorn was supposed to lose. He was running in a state that had just ousted Governor Scott Walker. A year ago, a liberal supreme-court candidate had won her race by almost twelve points. And to make matters worse, the media had labeled Hagedorn as a bigot, a Christian hater outside the Wisconsin mainstream. Business groups had abandoned him. One trade association had even demanded a return of its donation, claiming that his “issues” directly conflicted with the “values” of its members.:snip:

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