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“Black press only!”

This was the warning emblazoned on the glass doors of a Savannah church, where an event associated with a Georgia mayoral race took place Wednesday.

Also Scotch-taped to the doors of the Historic Bolton Street Missionary Baptist Church: “No audio or video recording!” And “no media (TV, radio, etc…).”

White political reporters were absolutely S.O.L. As noted by the AP, organizers convening to powwow about an upcoming mayoral race forbid anyone who isn’t black from entering the premises. As reportedby the Savannah Morning News, white reporters were barred entry to God’s house while two black reporters were allowed in. TV cameras and recording devices were also absolutely forbidden.

Rev. Clarence Teddy Williams refused to comment to the local newspaper on why white reporters were shunned. Williams organized the event and was a part of a decision making process that concluded that white press was bad news.

But the racial details of the race may give you some idea.


The new segregationists.

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