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It’s Official—Moore Power to the Fed!


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Steven Hayward

Mar. 22 2019

Trump announced the following big news this morning:


As it happens, I was with Steve Moore most of the day yesterday at an undisclosed East Coast location, talking of many things, but high among them how much fun it was going to be to watch the left freak out over his nomination. I said I hoped the announcement would be delayed long enough for the NSA to set up a webcam in Paul Krugman’s office to see his reaction. I was not disappointed!




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2 minutes ago, Geee said:

@Valin - I have heard Paul Krugmans quote come out of the mouth of many people - ABOUT HIM !!!!


An Economist who writes for the New York Times (a former newspaper)...in other words he gets it wrong pretty much all the time.

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