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Observations on Christchurch


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John Hinderaker

March 16, 2019

We haven’t written anything about the Christchurch, New Zealand, massacre. There probably isn’t much to say. Nevertheless, a few observations.

1) Liberals wasted no time trying to make political hay out of the slaughter. The deplorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tied the murders to President Trump. It is noteworthy that liberals attribute almost superhuman powers to Donald Trump, attributing responsibility to him for pretty much anything that goes on in the world. The only phenomena for which the Left does not assign responsibility to the president are the intended, beneficent results of his own policies.

2) Brenton Tarrant published a typical mass murderer’s manifesto in which he described himself as an “eco-fascist,” expressed hatred for conservatism and said that Communist China is his ideal country. Tarrant is an environmentalist who bought the global warming hype hook, line and sinker. His closest analogy is perhaps the Unabomber.


3) From a policy standpoint, the only lesson that can be drawn from the Christchurch massacre is reflected in the difference in the casualty totals between the two attacks. Forty-one were killed at the Dean Ave. mosque, the first one that was targeted, where the murderer had plenty of time and at one point returned to his vehicle to reload. There were only seven killed at the Linwood mosque because one of the worshippers was armed:


Early reports of catastrophic events like these always turn out to be wrong in some respects, but it does appear that armed self-defense was the key to the less tragic outcome at Linwood. Murder is the result of human evil and will never be eradicated in this world, but if more people arm themselves, there will be fewer mass murder events.



It Appears Jacinda Ardern, hasn't considered this (Being she is on the Left thisis no surprise)


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Abdul Aziz stopped the shooter at the Linwood mosque with a credit card machine and an empty gun

John Sexton

March 16, 2019

Yesterday I wrote about the Linwood mosque, the smaller mosque where the killer continued his murder spree in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. According to an eyewitness who was taking cover on the floor, a man from the mosque confronted and fought the shooter and took away his gun. It turns out that was a bit of a simplification of what happened. Today we have interviews with Abdul Aziz, the man who confronted the shooter.

Aziz heard shots outside and ran toward them. He wanted to have something in his hand to use as a weapon so, as he passed a table, he picked up a credit card machine. When he got outside he saw the shooter dressed in armor and a balaclava face mask and he saw two people who had already been shot lying on the ground. The shooter was trying to retrieve another gun from his car so Aziz threw the credit card machine at him. The attacker pulled out a gun and started shooting at Aziz who was able to take cover behind another car.

“I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t have any fear on me or anything,” Aziz said. “My only concern was to save other people from there…,” he added.

At that point, Aziz saw another body and beside it was a shotgun the shooter had dropped. There was no ammunition left for the shotgun but picked it up anyway. “And I was screaming to the guy ‘Come, I’m here,’ I tried to put his focus on me,” Aziz said. The shooter went inside and began shooting while Aziz was outside: “And I screamed at him ‘Come on I’m outside, come on I’m outside.’ I [was] swearing at him and everything.”




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