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Internal emails reveal sexual harassment allegations against fired SPLC founder Morris Dees


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Internal emails obtained by the Alabama Political Reporter contain multiple allegations that fired Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees sexually harassed employees, providing more insight into the potential reasons for his termination.


SPLC employees claim that not only did Dees sexually harass employees on multiple occasions, but SPLC leadership also either ignored or covered up reports of his misconduct. Dees denies all the allegations.

"I don't know who you're talking to or talking about, but that is not right," Dees said.

Systemic issues at the SPLC?

The internal emails from employees address more than just Dees' alleged misconduct, they also point to an organizational culture of harassment and discrimination that they are demanding SPLC leaders address:

But internal emails obtained by APR related to Dees' firing appear to show that the problems — which employees said spanned from sexual harassment to gender- and race-based discrimination — were more systemic and widespread, creating an atmosphere over several years in which female and minority employees felt mistreated. The employees also said that they felt their complaints were either not heard or resulted in retaliation from senior staff.

In statements following Dees' firing, SPLC president Richard Cohen acknowledged some of these issuesand announced that an outside organization would come in to evaluate and handle some of the problems brought up by employees.


Equal opportunity harassment.

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