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Obama administration federal appointees are days away from testifying against each other in a federal labor case over a worker who was left on administrative leave for three years before being fired.

Members of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) will appear at a hearing Thursday to argue over the handling of former CSB managing director Daniel Horowitz’s termination from the agency. The hearing will be a “political slugfest” between political appointees that have overseen an agency mired in scandal for years, according to Public Employees for Environmental Protection (PEER).

CSB board members Rick Engler and Kristen Kulinowski will likely argue that Horowitz’s removal was justified, based on their past support for the action, according to PEER. PEER is an environmental nonprofit representing Horowitz in the case. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Obama Holdovers ‘Working Toward A Union Takeover’ Of US Chemical Agency)

The remaining board member, Manuel Ehrlich, plans to take Horowitz’s side in the proceedings and dispute allegations of misconduct used to justify the former managing director’s removal in 2015, a source familiar with the matter told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ehrlich has even taken the step of retaining his own legal counsel, according to the source, instead of relying on the agency’s firm, Shaw, Bransford & Roth.

The case stems from an October 2015 complaint Horowitz filed with the Office of Personnel Management after then-CSB chairwoman Vanessa Sutherland left him on administrative leave for more than four months. Horowitz’s complaint charged that the excessive leave time, during which he could neither work nor quit but was still paid full salary, violated federal rules.


Still working for the old boss...

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