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Trump Should Militarize Our Immigration Courts


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Trump Should Militarize Our Immigration Courts

Political commentator Steve Cortes suggested recently that President Trump should declare a second national emergency on our southern border. The first such emergency was designed to divert funds towards wall construction, but Cortes argues that by itself won’t deter the current wave of migrants, mostly from Central America. This is because they know that our immigration system is broken. They know that, if they make it to the U.S. border, and if they bring their children with them and make an asylum claim, Customs and Border Protection officials will have no choice, given recent judicial rulings, but to release them into the U.S. population.

 Moreover, because of the current backlog in asylum cases, these migrants will wait (comfortably) in the United States anywhere from three to five years before a judge can hear their cases. They may or may not show up for their hearings. Trump may or may not be president in five years. Instead, an open-borders socialist may occupy the Oval Office.

Thus, whether we eventually build a wall is irrelevant to the calculations of the current crop of migrants, because they know, right now and for the foreseeable future, illegal immigration simply is not punished in the United States. On the contrary, it is rewarded  :snip: 

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