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Colorado may give us a preview of the Green New Deal


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Kelly Sloan

March 10, 2019

If you’re wondering how implementation of the chimerical "Green New Deal" might play out at the local and state level, Colorado might be offering a hint.

The current legislative session, the first since the Democratic Party's electoral sweep in the state last November, hit the halfway point last Monday, and it was marked by the most ostentatious sign of liberal hegemony in a session already wracked by several. Senate Bill 181, introduced late the previous Friday evening, is a tendentious and, shall we say, assertive piece of legislation aimed squarely at Colorado’s most valuable industry: oil and gas.


It’s a little difficult to say what all else may be included, The bill is being fast-tracked through the legislative paces at a rate seen only when, to use Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s characterization, you must pass a bill to find out what’s in it. In fact, one of the Prop 112 attorneys, Dan Leftwich, said as much when he praised the bill’s “stealth qualities” that will only become known “once this is passed.”

The Left’s blind hatred of all types of reliable energy may be economically illogical, but you cannot argue that it is without form. We’ll see how Colorado’s experience turns out, but in any case it may be an adumbration of what we can expect if the "Green New Dealers" ever get their hands on the reigns of federal power.

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