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The Radical Politicization of American Protestantism


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The Presbyterian Church in America and the Southern Baptist Convention are two of the traditionally more conservative denominations that have been targeted by political and cultural machinations. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor, Dr. Jarvis Williams, has identified the ‘cultural colonization’ of ‘black and brown members’ of the church as one of the biggest threats to American Evangelism and the realization of ‘holistic racial reconciliation.’ Alexander Jun, ‘who promotes progressive theories on race and white privilege’ was recently elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). 

While PCA pastor, Kevin Smith, was featured in the latest edition of the denomination’s official online magazine making the outrageous claim that ‘you have to do great damage to your own self and your own identity many times to join a PCA church because who you are as the image of God is not welcome... in order to become part of a PCA church you really have to become white.’ (around the 6:50 mark of the linked video).:snip:



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When someone uses the word Holistic, about pretty much anything, I just assume they are pissing on my leg, and trying to tell me its raining....because 9 times out of ten They Are.

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