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The Star Tribune dominates news coverage in Minnesota and the surrounding area. We can’t ignore it, but it’s not because it does a good job. Its failures can be a source of humor, however, if you achieve a certain level of detachment (which I find difficult to do).

Consider that the paper has a staff of reporters whose full-time job is the coverage of Minnesota politics. Ditto for the paper’s editorial staff. The paper even has a Washington bureau. And yet, something is seriously lacking in its coverage of big local political stories. What could it be? We won’t find the answer to that question from the Star Tribune.

This struck me in connection with the recent Star Tribune story by Patrick Condon and Torey Van Oot reporting Amy Klobuchar’s persistent abuse of her staff. She clearly has serious anger management issues. This is a story that has been out there for the taking in the Star Tribune’s front yard, but the Star Tribune was scooped by the New York Times and other out-of-state outlets.

Lagging behind, the Star Tribune has now confirmed the reporting of the other outlets: “Former employees of [Klobuchar’s] Senate office and previous political campaigns have anonymously described to BuzzFeed, the New York Times and now the Star Tribune, many examples of behavior by Klobuchar they considered abusive, bullying and demeaning.” I guess some kind of congratulations are in order.


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There is a reason why we call it the Red Star Tribune or Pravda on the Prairie.  You know you're bad when the NY Times (a former newspaper) call you "Loony Left", like they did a couple of years ago.

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