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China takes a hammer and sickle to the cross


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Gary Bauer

March 06, 2019

Here’s a trivia question I bet you’ll get wrong: Which nation is projected to have the world’s largest Christian population by 2030?

Nigeria or Brazil would be good guesses, as would the United States, the current number one.

But it’s none other than officially atheist China. The Good News is spreading rapidly in China, and it’s making the communist regime very nervous.


Beijing is not dumb. It knows that the greatest threat to its grip on power is a compelling competing message that exposes the empty promises of communism. Christianity preaches peace, and the basic dignity and worth of all human beings, while communism seeks total control and prizes obedience to the state that leaves no room for God.

Christianity also offers a way for the millions of Chinese who have moved into the middle class to resist the consumerist culture that has overtaken the country.


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