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2019-2-21 We All Scream for Scrapple


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2019-2-21 We All Scream for Scrapple

2019-2-21 We All Scream for Scrapple, the country pate known as scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch staple. A thrifty use for random scraps of pork, it's usually made by simmering pork bits, finely chopping them, then mixing the pork into a thick porridge of buckwheat flour and/or cornmeal. From there, usually it's formed into loaves and chilled, then sliced, fried, and served with eggs for breakfast. Think of it like a cross between country sausage and polenta. The name "scrapple" has given it a bad rap, but when made well, this slab of ground and bound breakfast meat is downright delicious. It's so good that fancy versions are now showing up on sandwiches and such in hip restaurants from Philadelphia and New York to Chicago and Los Angeles. Read more about this "country charcuterie" here.     :snip:   https://amazingribs.com/we-all-scream-scrapple

fried scrapple

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