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Never-Nancy Dems risk election backlash for flipping on Pelosi vote, in 1st congressional test


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As a candidate, Abigail Spanberger asserted “under no circumstances, would I vote for Nancy Pelosi to again be speaker of the House.”

Pelosi later struck a deal with potential rebels in her caucus that almost ensures she’ll reclaim the gavel come January. Nevertheless, Spanberger, now a congresswoman-elect from Virginia, said she is sticking to her campaign vow. “This is my first opportunity to keep my promise to my soon-to-be constituents and that’s exactly what I’ll do,” Spanberger told a Politico conference on Dec. 11.

Spanberger may be the exception. Numerous other Democrats do not appear to be holding to their campaign vows on Pelosi. And with their first test of a campaign promise looming in the new Congress, Republicans are eager to pounce on any Democratic flip-floppers, particularly freshmen members, who face an awkward decision in the Jan. 3 speaker vote—break a vow to constituents or alienate party leadership.


“For many of these Democrats, their first act as a member of Congress will be to break a promise to their constituents,” Steve Guest, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, told Fox News. “We’ll be happy to remind their constituents of that every chance we get.”


Nancy's back-now what?

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