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Embattled Federal Reserve chairman tells White House officials he'll meet face-to-face with Trump in bid to end feud that left stock markets reeling over fears president will fire him


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The president and the federal reserve chairman have been on an untenable collision course that has delved into the murky waters of whether the nation's chief executive has the authority to fire the head of the United States' central banking system.  

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is now telling the White House that he'd be willing to meet with President Trump to discuss his concerns about the independent agency's rate hikes, the Wall Street Journal reports.  

A face-to-face chat with Powell could quell some of the president's anger about the Fed policies that Trump blames for the dramatic stock losses an instability in the market, despite a sustained unemployment rate of 4.1 percent or less over the last 14 months. 

'A meeting between the two should be helpful,' Larry Kudlow, head of the president's economic, told the Journal. 'Right now, their relationship is like a stock looking for a bottom. There’s only upside.'  


Mending fences?

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