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Leah Remini Punches Back After Louis Farrakhan Criticizes Her Scientology Docuseries


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Frank Camp

Dec. 16 2018

In the December 11 episode of A&E’s hit documentary series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath," former Scientologists Remini and co-host Mike Rinder discuss the unusual relationship between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam (NoI).

At the beginning of the episode, a statement from the Church of Scientology is displayed on screen, which accuses Remini of "spreading bigotry that instigates violence," and compares the show’s "lies" and "discrimination" to 1930s Germany.

This isn’t unusual. The Church of Scientology is notoriously litigious, and during most episodes, Remini’s show features disclaimers from the organization.


A response from @LeahRemini to a last minute statement from The Church of Scientology about tonight’s all-new episode of #ScientologyTheAftermath at 9pm. pic.twitter.com/W1FZYUBIrG

— A&E Network (@AETV) December 11, 2018

After detailing the origin of the Nation of Islam, the episode charts the political and religious organization’s recent affiliation with the Church of Scientology, which Remini allegedly helped to facilitate prior to defecting in 2013.

Speaking about her involvement, Remini states:




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Ok Like most people I didn't really know that much about Scientology, other than its this weird cult founded by a 3rd rate Sci-fi writer, that is popular with Hollywood. So I did some digging........


1. It should be noted this is not an unbiased look at Scientology, however that does not mean its not accurate.

2. More Here


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