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Former Schumer Aide: If Pelosi, Dems Attempt Impeachment, They’ll Lose the House in 2020


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A former aide to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) knows better than to attempt impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson cited reports that Democrats are "lining up" to be appointed to the House Judiciary Committee, on which presumptive Chairman Jerrold Nadler of Manhattan, N.Y. would be the congressman to preside over any impeachment hearings.

"They've been told [Trump's] a war criminal," Carlson said of voters. "Why [isn't impeachment] a mandate of the voters?"

Christopher Hahn said that he doesn't believe that "we are at a point where impeachment would be a real thing."

Hahn said that presently, conventional wisdom among Democrat "rank-and-file" politicos is that the best way to defeat Trump is at the ballot box in 2020.

"Barring some major revelation in the Mueller report, I don't think you will see impeachment on the agenda for the next Congress."

Hahn said Pelosi also understands that fact, adding that there has to be "bipartisan agreement" that Trump should be impeached, or he cannot be removed from office.


Don't bet on impeachment.

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During the Clinton Impeachment scandal I (like so many others) was All In on impeaching him, and was mad as hell when The Senate didn't convict him. What I failed to understand then, that I do now is Impeachment is a Political act, not a criminal act. This is something our progressive friends...yet. But they may come to understand. There is a Very good reason why only one President has actually been impeached, and kicked out of office.

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