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Trump Talks with Mexico’s President-Elect on Border, NAFTA


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U.S. President Donald Trump spent half an hour on the phone with Mexico’s new President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday covering issues from border security to trading through the multi-lateral NAFTA deal or on a bilateral basis.

Trump told the press about his call while welcoming Netherland Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the White House on Monday afternoon.

“I just spoke with the President-elect of Mexico,” he said, describing the conversation as “great.” 

“We talked about border security, we talked about trade, we talked about NAFTA, we talked about a separate deal, just Mexico and the United States,” he explained. “I think the relationship will be a very good one,” he said – qualifying the comment as he often does by saying, “We’ll see what happens.” 

“He had a very excellent election that, I would say, even better than anticipated,” said President Trump, who told a story about years ago predicting Obrador’s election to the office of President in Mexico. “I told him a number of years ago when I saw him campaigning for a different race, frankly, a different year, a different race, I said he’ll be someday he’s going to be the President of Mexico. So he remembered that and it turned out to be correct.”


Meeting with the new boss.

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