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Fathers Deserve More Than Stuff For Father’s Day. They Deserve Respect


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Something is wrong when the obligations of Father’s Day are nothing more than a 30-minute phone call and shipping your dad something Amazon’s website said were ‘Dad’s Favorites.’

Marco rubio

June 16 2018

An Internet search for “Father’s Day 2018” brings up a top hit: “20 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Are Amazon Prime-Eligible.” Now, like most dads, I’m not one to complain about receiving gifts (especially when they involve a good weekend of fishing), but something is wrong when popular culture understands the obligations of Father’s Day as nothing more than a 30-minute phone call and shipping your dad something Amazon’s website said were “Dad’s Favorites.”


It is something that, unfortunately in today’s culture, needs to be repeated often and with clarity: fathers matter. Their responsibilities in families and society are all essential to the strength of our country. Fathers and mothers serve equally important, but distinct, functions in raising children. Fathers play the indispensable role in protecting their families from harm, encouraging children to overcome challenges, disciplining children with authority, and teaching boys how to become responsible men by modeling responsibility themselves.


The results of our confusion on what it means to become a man, and its culminating rite of passage in responsible fatherhood, afflict communities throughout our country. It makes for an alarming number of working-age young men who do not work, seem to have no drive, and take drugs to escape their frustration. It makes for an equally alarming number of young men who abuse women, abandon financial responsibility for their children, become thugs, or become ridiculous hyper-masculine idiots. The data on this point is irrefutable: fatherlessness is associated with higher rates of poverty, crime, drug addiction, and divorce, perpetuating a cycle for generations to come.



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