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Scvott Johnson

May 18 2018

Ammo Grrrll reconsiders A LUNATIC IN THE LIFT. She writes:

By now, as frequently happens with a weekly column, this is pretty old news. But it’s in my wheelhouse, so I thought I would weigh in. Besides, I’m still mad. Regular readers may think they have seen me mad before, but that was just warm-up. The Safe Space Dwellers want to talk about “triggers”? Consider me triggered. As my hero Mark Steyn says, “Stand well back!”


And so here are the facts: a gentleman named Richard Ned Lebow of King’s College, London was in a crowded elevator (“Lift” in Brit talk) at the San Francisco Hilton at an academic conference a couple of months ago. As buttons were being pushed for floors, from the back of the elevator, Mr. Lebow joked, “Ladies’ lingerie, please.” And a woman named Simona Sharoni said nothing in the elevator, but freaked out when she returned to her coven. And she did what any miserable, rage-aholic looking for attention would do under the circumstances – she consulted the Manual of Unauthorized Behavior and then fired off a letter to the association’s director, claiming to be “shaken,” though apparently not stirred.

Mr. Lebow certainly didn’t touch her, God forbid. He didn’t ask her to watch him shower. He didn’t carry a replica of her bloody severed head, which we were assured by our betters was a laugh riot. He didn’t ask a buddy to snap a photo of him pretending to grab her breasts. Nobody in the elevator was advised to “put some ice on that.” All he did was make a mild, completely harmless little joke to break the usual tension that almost everyone who isn’t insane experiences in a crowded elevator.


This great feminist hero, possibly angling for a job on MSNBC, declared AFTER the first round of apologies by Mr. Lebow – which, of course, were inadequate and unacceptable — “I have dedicated my life to confronting sexism and I cannot and will not remain silent when misogyny is in play.” To which I, a not insane woman, would say: “Bite me.”


See how that works? Happy! Just live and let live. As the Psalmist advises: “This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be GLAD in it.” The Psalmist said that because finding occasion to be glad, rather than professionally and perpetually offended, makes even a difficult life bearable. Also, he was not insane.

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45 minutes ago, nickydog said:

Not funny this week, but sometimes we just have to blow off steam.


There are times when I think, some people just need a good ass kicking....nothing else appears to work.

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