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Facebook’s algorithm change hurts conservative news sites, helps liberal sites, analysis shows


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Facebook changed its algorithm, again. And according to the Western Journal, conservative news sites that have taken the greatest hit.

The Journal’s recently published analysis showed that liberal-leaning publishers gained about 2 percent more web-traffic since the change in early February, while conservative sites have lost an average of 14 percent of their Facebook-generated traffic.

What’s an example of the traffic change?

The New York Daily News and the New York Post are two well-known rival publishers who report on similar stories, except they have differing editorial leanings.

The Post is more conservative, and the Daily News leans more liberal.

After the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, the Daily News ran this headline: “Brave Florida survivors plan day of action for gun sanity and to call out ‘blood on hands’ of NRA puppets.”

That headline boosted Daily News’ web traffic from Facebook by 24.18 percent.

During that same period, the Post’s traffic fell by 11.44 percent.

Overall, the results showed a negative impact on right-leaning publishers.


Facebook's traffic cops.

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