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The Reductio Ad Absurdum of Diversity


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John Hinderaker

March 16, 2018


In an article in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, reporter Maura Lerner follows up:


Last fall, St. Catherine University invited 30 businesswomen and inspirational speakers to lead the breakout sessions at a popular annual leadership conference.

But the conference, which was billed as a networking and career-building event, never took place. The university canceled it because of what it called a lack of diversity among the invited speakers.

The decision, which caught many of the speakers by surprise, has cast the Catholic university in St. Paul in an uncomfortable national spotlight. Last week, the conservative website Campus Reform reported that St. Catherine had pulled the plug on the event because “most, if not all the scheduled speakers ended up being white.”

The remarkable aspect of this story, to me, is that the university chose to cancel the conference, thereby entirely losing the benefit of the event for students and others, rather than proceed with a faculty that inadvertently was mostly, if not entirely, white. Lerner called me for comment on the story:




"Diversity is a fact, not a value"

Joe Soucheray


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