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Soros vs. America


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George Soros and his cronies in the media were certain that Hillary Clinton was going to be president. They just knew that their "socialist justice" movement here at home, and the undermining of the United States on the world stage that they were achieving under Barak Obama, would continue under another President Clinton. 
But freedom-loving Americans had a different idea, and they delivered a bold, decisive leader who has the guts to stand up to the radical Left and put an end to America’s decline.
President Donald Trump is proving over and over again that he has the international experience, courage and edgy personality it takes to stop the socialist globalist efforts to turn America into the world's dumping ground. 
Make no mistake: George Soros and his minions will do everything in their power to undermine President Trump and conservative elected officials.  Soros loves the Establishment and the Deep State because he is one of them.  He was the Chairman of the "Ready for Hillary PAC," and is a long-time comrade of both Clintons. Mr. Soros funded resistance against Mr. Trump before the election (remember the Trump Chicago rally that had to be cancelled due to violent protests in the streets?) and he continues to do so across the country. :snip:

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Dem group launches $2M ad buy to boost vulnerable senators

The Senate Majority PAC (SMP), a prominent Democratic outside group, is launching a $1.8 million effort to defend two incumbents in Missouri and Indiana.
Sens. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) and Joe Donnelly (Ind.) are both vulnerable Democrats in states President Trump won overwhelmingly in 2016.
And they are already top targets for Republicans, who are hitting the two for voting against Trump's tax reform plan. Conservative group Americans for Prosperity is readying a $4 million push against McCaskill and Donnelly, according to the Associated Press.
SMP will run two television ads defending the senators and hitting back at the tax law. The ads cite analysis from the Tax Policy center that claims the tax law will give "83 percent of tax benefits to the richest 1 percent.":snip:

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