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Daily Caller’s Check Your Fact Wins Facebook’s Seal of Approval as Reliable Fact-Checker


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Facebook has added The Daily Caller’s Check Your Fact site to its list of official news fact-checkers.
While Check Your Fact is “loyal to neither people nor party—only the truth,” it is owned by The Daily Caller, one of only two conservative media organizations journalism’s Poynter Institute lists as reliable fact-checking publications of Facebook’s 46, the other being The Weekly Standard’s Fact Check.
When Facebook initially rolled out its fact-checking feature, The Daily Signal’s Katrina Trinko criticized the organization for relying on liberal fact-checkers.
“We’re pleased to be approved by Facebook and Poynter as a fact-check site,” said Neil Patel, co-founder and publisher of The Daily Caller. “Giant platforms like Google and Facebook are increasingly deciding what news and information people see in America.:snip:

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