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MS-13 Gang Members Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Murder, Will Later Face Deportation


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Three members of the transnational drug gang MS-13 were sentenced to prison on Thursday for the execution-style murder of a 19-year-old fellow member of the gang.
The United States District Judge Margo K. Brodie sentenced gang member Milton Contreras to 27 years in prison, while Oscar Welman Espinoza-Merino and Jose Osmin Rubio received 24-year sentences, according to the Justice Department. A fourth MS-13 member, Byron Lopez, was convicted of charges but is awaiting sentencing.
The three members were convicted in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York, for the murder of their fellow gang member Sidney Valverde. They suspected Valverde was working with law enforcement by leaking information on gang activities.
After serving their time behind bars, the three sentenced felons will face deportation from the United States.:snip:

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