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The Feminist Enwokening of A.I.


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The Feminist Enwokening of A.I.


Posted on February 2, 2018 by The Political Hat


Rather than just be a spying device for Amazon, Amazon’s “Alexa” has gone full woke feminist:

“Last year, the tech-centric e-magazine, Quartz, sponsored a study which analyzed whether various home assistants like Alexa and her competitors, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, would respond when called vulgar names or confronted with feminist-defined sexist terms like ‘slut.'”

 “Amazon was, apparently, rather distressed by Quartz’s findings, even if regular, everyday Americans weren’t likely to ask Alexa whether she was a feminist, query her for her views on reproductive rights, or call her a ‘slut’ (especially given that she’s not a real person), so they made an effort to change Alexa’s programming, making her more ‘woke,’ and even giving her the option to rebuke sexist questions.

“Now, when asked if she’s a feminist, Alexa responds, eye-rollingly, that she is, ‘[a]s is anyone who believes in bridging the inequality between men and women in society.’

“When called a derogatory term like ‘slut,’ Alexa will now go into “disengagement mode” and refuse to answer a question, replying ‘I’m not going to respond to that.’    :snip:  http://politicalhat.com/2018/02/02/the-feminist-enwokening-of-a-i/

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