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In shocking move, feds drop all charges against Sen. Bob Menendez


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In a shocking turnaround, the U.S. Justice Department has dropped its case against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.

In a court in Newark on Wednesday, federal prosecutors moved to dismiss the corruption indictment against the New Jersey Democrat after a federal judge last week acquitted Menendez and his co-defendant, Salomon Melgen, of seven of the 18 counts against them.

Both were facing a retrial after a deadlocked jury could not reach a verdict in the high-profile case in November.

"Given the impact of the court's Jan. 24 order on the charges and the evidence admissible in a retrial, the United States has determined that it will not retry the defendants on the remaining charges," said Department of Justice spokeswoman Nicole Navas Oxman.

Hours later, Chief Judge Jose Linares signed an order of dismissal.

In a statement, Menendez said he never wavered in his innocence and his belief that justice would prevail.

"I am grateful that the Department of Justice has taken the time to reevaluate its case and come to the appropriate conclusion," he said. "I thank God for hearing my prayers and for giving me strength during this difficult time.  I have devoted my life to serving the people of New Jersey, and am forever thankful for all who have stood by me.  No matter the challenges ahead, I will never stop fighting for New Jersey and the values we share."


Bob goes free, back to corruption as usual.

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