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Report: Washington State Issues Emergency Driver License Rule To “Foil” ICE


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Report: Washington State Issues Emergency Driver License Rule To “Foil” ICE


Posted by Fuzzy Slippers    Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 3:30pm

“DOL is taking these actions to ensure the agency is safeguarding personal information that can be used to determine immigration status”

As the open-borders agenda of the left finally sees the light of day, it’s not surprising to learn that blue cities and states are no longer solely committed to refusing to work with ICE.  They are now actively working against federal immigration law and policy, even going so far as to issue emergency rules intended to protect illegal aliens from deportation.

In Washington state, one such “emergency rule” was approved Friday.  The rule says that the country of birth is no longer required on applications for Washington driver licenses.  Washington state officials say that asking for the place of one’s birth on an application for a driver license can lead to targeting by ICE.  They are having none of that.

Last year, Washington state’s Department of Licensing announced: “DOL takes immediate steps to stop disclosure of information to federal immigration authorities.”    :snip:   

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