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Joe diGenova: Beyond foreplay


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Scott Johnson

Jan. 21 2018

Paul appended former US Attorned/former Independent Counsel Joseph diGenova’s interview with Ginni Thomas to his update on “That explosive House Intel Committee document.” In the interview diGenova lucidly exposes the Trump/Russia collusion illusion for what it is and name checks the principal malefactors. It is well worth the time to take it in.

As a commenter on Paul’s post pointed out, diGenova also appeared on WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walter and Vince Coglianese this morning for a 15-minutes interview. The interview (audio below after a 3-second advertisement) brings the story up to date with diGenova’s comments on the latest revelations in the case. (The interview is also posted in another podcast format here.)


As with Mrs. Thomas, diGenova refers several times to the declassified April 26, 2017, opinion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court disclosing the abuse of intelligence within the Obama administration predicated on the misrepresentation of senior administration officials. We have posted the FISC opinion previously, but it is an important companion to diGenova’s interview. I am posting it again below.



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