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Notre Dame professor: Higher education is 'drowning in BS'


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Kate Hardiman

Jan 16, 2018

“I have had enough bullshit,” wrote Notre Dame sociology professor Christian Smith in a recent piece about the systemic problems of American Higher Education.

“The manure has piled up so deep in the hallways, classrooms, and administration buildings of American higher education that I am not sure how much longer I can wade through it and retain my sanity and integrity.”

This forward, in-your-face commentary on the state of today’s higher education caught the attention of many in the realm of the Ivory bell tower, but should also serve as a wake-up call to those who don’t follow higher ed as closely. Smith is sounding the alarm on the many problems plaguing modern day, American education.


In fact, Smith believes academia is partly to blame for our current political climate of “dramatic political polarization, fake news, legislative paralysis, torrents of blatant lies told with impunity, violent radicals in our city streets, [and] scandalous ignorance of large swaths of Americans about the basic facts of our most pressing national problems.”

“These are exactly what develop when even the ‘educated’ citizens of a country are for too many decades not educated well, and when the institutional centers of enlightened learning and debate become havens of ideology, intimidation, and mission drift,” Smith writes.



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