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The Big Apple's Communist Past Stirs Nostalgia


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The Big Apple's Communist Past Stirs Nostalgia

01/16/2018 William L. Anderson

Few people outside New York City noticed that Bill de Blasio was sworn in for a second term as mayor of the Big Apple, as the Usual Luminaries did not show up for the occasion. However low-key the ceremony might have been on that freezing January day, it was significant one thing: the political leadership of New York once again is looking to unabashed socialism as the guiding light (or, perhaps more appropriate, darkness) for the city’s future.

Declared the New York Times in an editorial:

You dance with the one that brung ya, as the saying goes, but Bill de Blasio sees no reason to embrace the maxim. Bill and Hillary Clinton gave him a vital kick-start in politics and, fittingly, Mr. de Blasio chose the former president to swear him in as New York’s 109th mayor four years ago. Times change. For his second inaugural, on Monday, the Clintons were well in his rearview mirror.

Instead, the swearing-in duties fell to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont by way of Brooklyn, who, not coincidentally, was Hillary Clinton’s chief rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.  :snip:  

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