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Rural America Too 'Violent, Stupid, Racist,' Says Silicon Valley Executive


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Our nation may be the United States of America, but we've probably never been more divided since the Civil War. Evidence of that is everywhere we look, but it's most obvious when coastal elites share their opinions on what's wrong with the rest of the country.

Over the weekend, Melinda Byerley -- the founder of Timeshare CMO, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley -- offered her thoughts on what heartland states could do to attract more jobs, especially technology jobs.

It did not go well. She has since made her Twitter feed private.

According to The Daily Caller, Byerley had wrote: "no educated person wants to live in a sh*thole with stupid people."

You see, it's OK when a liberal technology exec calls a large portion of the country something like that, but Heaven forbid Donald Trump thinks that about a third-world cesspool like Haiti. (Of course, Haiti is a horror show compared to its neighbor, the Dominican Republic, which puts a big hole in claims that Trump's alleged comments were "racist.")

Byerley wasn't done, though. Oh no, she had more wisdom for we lowly peons. You see, it's not just that we live in s***holes and are stupid people, but we are also "violent, racist, and/or misogynistic."


Because places like L.A., Chicago, Baltimore, and DC are such peaceful oasis's...


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