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Sessions to Weed States: Better Start Bogarting


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Sessions to Weed States: Better Start Bogarting

 Doug Kimball /  January 13, 2018 / 10 COMMENTS

 It’s time for a showdown on federal authority. No more obfuscations, like the decision on Obamacare, where clever-by-half jurists rest the legitimacy of a takedown of, quite literally, one-third of our economy via semantics, turning the mandate (sold to the public as a penalty) into a tax and the entire unread ACA enterprise into simply another allowable tax scheme.

I stand by the argument that without similar legal legerdemain, Wickard v. Filmore would not have justified the shredding of all constitutional restraints on federal authority. The regulation of (interstate) trade, they concluded, is the ring to rule them all because everything does come down to money.

It’s like the butterfly analogy in chaos theory. A dollar spent (or not spent) somewhere in theory will eventually affect all other dollars spent, leaving the government, under its authority to regulate (interstate) trade, the power to do just about anything. But that argument is both circular and specious, its weight about as substantial as a butterfly’s wings.   :snip: 

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