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Saturday Gardening Thread: Useful plants [KT]


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Saturday Gardening Thread: Useful plants [KT]

—Open Blogger

Here's hoping I never find this plant
useful outside the garden again.

Happy Saturday! It's good to be back. I was really unable to write a thread last week. The second time I visited the doctor's office with the flu, they called an ambulance and sent me to the hospital because of an irregular heartbeat. One of the drugs used to bring my heart back to normal was derived from the plant above. The history of its use is quite interesting. Not a plant to self-medicate with, though.

Meanwhile, Hank Curmudgeon sent in an interesting blog post on useful trees to know for survival situations. For those who dare venture out into all the global warming in the East lately, plus other weather challenges.

And we received a lovely indoor garden photo.

Useful Trees

Can you I.D. the following six trees in winter by the bark alone? How about this one?

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