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Trump Sets Bannon On Fire.....


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Ben Shapiro

Jan. 3 2017

After news broke of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s insane interview with author Michael Wolff, in which Bannon suggested that the Trump campaign had acted in “treasonous” fashion, President Trump fired back on Bannon directly in an epically brutal takedown that left Bannon’s pretensions to be the face of Trumpism in smoldering ash.







One More Reason to Like Trump!!!

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Breitbart Comments

Sinking ship. Bannon knows Trump is going down. Smart move Steve

 I just came here for the comments and to sip tea... this show is getting good...


extra butter please

This is bad all the way around........however, I know now what triggered Trump.

"Bannon called Donald Trump Jr. “treasonous” for meeting with Russian operatives during the campaign."

Bannon attacking Trumps kid in the last day or two is what got this whole thing flared up





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From the book posting these Bannon comments there is discussion about John Boehner being suggested to Trump for Chief of Staff, and Trump saying "Who's that?"....

From Dan Scavino, Trump's, director of social media....



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Works for me. Then I've never been a fan of his. He has always struck me as A Legend In His Own Mind.


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There Is So Much Wrong in Michael Wolff's Book That It's Totally True

ByErick Erickson

You probably do need to puff yourself up at the expense of others so they ignore the Mercer branded collar and dog leash

There is so much wrong in Michael Wolff's book. It is false that White House aide Stephen Miller knew nothing about immigration and was not sharp on public policy. Miller is actually deeply into public policy and the weeds on policy. One need not know him well to figure that out. But Wolff's book suggests he knew little and had to google how to draft an executive order at Steve Bannon's behest.

It is also totally not true that Donald Trump did not know who John Boehner was. They had played golf together repeatedly and had meetings together repeatedly before the election. Wolff writes that Donald Trump told Roger Ailes that Trump did not know who John Boehner was. :snip: 


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Wolff doesn't care. He'll sell a lot of books, which no one will read. So he gets 1. his 15 minutes of fame 2. a large bag-o-money.


The Good News is (as far as I am concerned) Steve Bannon has been exposed as the blowhard (insert your favorite expletive here)  that many of us knew he is.

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Filed under: General — Patterico @ 8:27 am

This interview is tragic. And grotesgue. And tragically grotesque. And grotesquely tragic.

It’s a video Rorschach test. Trump fans will see a guy who fights — taking down the CNN #FAKENEWS!!1! I see a guy making a desperate grab for increased relevance in the White House by giving the man-child in the Oval Office something entertaining to watch.

It’s embarrassing. And tragic. And grotesque.

I started to say: it’ll probably work. Then I checked. It already has:      :snip: 


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