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It’s True, the Media Hates Trump


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It’s True, the Media Hates Trump

The King Prawn /  December 29, 2017 / 39 COMMENTS

Whether fake news is wall-to-wall or not is a matter of controversy, but one thing is quite clear: media coverage of Trump is wildly antagonistic. The objectivity of the Fourth Branch is not merely in question, but can be proven to be nonexistent.

 This is not, however, simply a Trump phenomenon. The loss of objectivity did not begin at this year’s inauguration, but rather began much earlier with leg tingles and gestures of worship from those who purport to report fairly and without bias. We can safely say that such proclamations are clearly lies in our increasingly divisive culture. Teams have been drawn up, sides chosen, and the mainstream media has thrown its hat in with the left and the Democratic Party.   :snip: 

But it all began here.  :snip: 

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Here's the thing...They still haven't come to grips with the fact Hillary lost. In 2008/2012 it took me right around 45 minutes to come to grips with Barack Obama winning. We're coming up on 420 days and they still haven't.

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