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Resolved: Trump Is Fit for Office of the President


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Resolved: Trump Is Fit for Office of the President

Bryan G. Stephens / December 29, 2017 / 181 COMMENTS

 I keep seeing people saying Trump is unfit for office, but I am always a bit fuzzy on why that is so. Oh, reasons are given, but most of them can apply to previous presidents who were not called “unfit” by the people calling Trump “unfit” (Long list of sexual affairs, some non-consensual), and some items can be applied to other candidates (John McCain, by all accounts, it a horrible man to underlings). Clearly, loose sexual morals are not a reason to call someone “unfit.” Being a horrible human being in your behavior to others is not a reason either.

The idea that he is unfit because he has never held office before or never been in the military strikes me as an anti-republican statement. Clearly, the Founders did not think that should be a requirement. Further, being a one-term senator and former First Lady does not seem to me to be much better preparation for being president, and everyone was ok with that for Hillary Clinton the first go-around.  :snip: 

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