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Billionaire Democratic donor is building a ‘digital army’ in order to impeach Trump


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According to Politico, billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer is building a “digital army” whose goal is simple: impeach President Donald Trump.

Steyer, who made billions of dollars as a hedge-fund manager prior to his retirement in 2012, has been a longtime donor to Democratic politicians and progressive causes. Steyer spent more than $91 million to elect Democrats in 2016 alone.  Since the election of Donald Trump, Steyer has developed something of an obsession with the idea that Trump should be impeached. Steyer has already spent $20 million of his own money on a series of television commercials — mostly aired on cable news networks — calling for Trump to be impeached.

Steyer alleges that Trump’s decision to terminate James Comey as director of the FBI constitutes “obstruction of justice” and is thus an impeachable offense. He also alleges that Trump should be impeached because the president has continued to take money from foreign governments since taking office.

Thus far, Steyer has had little or no success bringing even elected Democrats from safe blue seats around to his point of view. When Al Green (D-Texas) introduced articles of impeachment via a privileged resolution earlier this month, Democratic leadership publicly rebuked the move, and the resolution attracted a total of only 58 Democratic votes.

In order to apply pressure on Democrats to change their mind, Steyer announced earlier this year that he would not donate to any Democrat in 2018 who did not support impeaching Trump.


A rich white guy trying to rally other rich white guys to stop a rich white guy...

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