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Hell Has Indeed Frozen Over..


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Duane Patterson

November 22, 2017


The former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton, did something that frankly I, being a producer in conservative talk radio for 22 years, never thought would happen – consent to a long-form interview with a conservative host. She called in to the Hugh Hewitt Show for a pre-scheduled 30 minute interview with Hugh. After 32 minutes, Hugh admitted he had kept her over their allotted time and began to wrap up. Saying that she was rather enjoying herself and blowing off the time limit stops, Secretary Clinton offered to continue, and the interview ran to 45 minutes. You can hear the whole interview on the Salem Radio Network, or at Hugh’s website here. You can also read the transcript, which I’m fairly confident will be dissected for a long time to come.


There will be lots of comments about the interview, both what Secretary Clinton had to say and the way in which Hugh conducted it. And all comment is fair in love, war, and talk radio. For the record, however, there was one caveat to the interview, which was the interview was to be about her book, What Happened. That’s exactly what the interview was about. Second, there inevitably will be reactions from people who criticize Hugh because he didn’t take the opportunity with Secretary Clinton and turn it into the public shaming of 25 years of her alleged wrongdoing. I get it. I’m a lifetime charter member of the anti-Hillary club. As Hugh has said for virtually his entire career, this is an interview, not a debate.






I listened to as much of this as I could...which wasn't much. The Queen Bee kept to her (now very familiar) talking points....ie nothing to see here....move along.

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