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Tariffs, Trade, and the NeverTrump Nightmare


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Tariffs, Trade, and the NeverTrump Nightmare

By Bob Calco| August 12, 2017

In his brief but thoughtful piece, “Raise Tariffs, Secure the Nation,” Spencer P. Morrison recently asked a vital question: “[W]hy the disconnect over tariffs between academics and businessmen, the media and the public?”

That is, what is the nature of the widening divide between academics and the media, on the one hand, and businessmen (like Trump) and the public, on the other, over whether tariffs are a legitimate tool of public trade policy?

The overall point of his article is spot-on. There really can be “no political independence without economic independence.”

This is the crux of the matter: Can we still be economically and politically independent from the rest of the world—and if so, how? Have our Founders left us any clues?—or must we become, as our NeverTrumper friends insist, one with the world?  :snip: 

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