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EXCLUSIVE – Conservative Latino Omar Navarro Challenges Maxine Waters in 2018


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Omar Navarro, 28, says he’s had “enough” of watching California’s liberal politicians let the Golden State and country fall apart.

The young, Latino conservative is challenging left-wing Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her seat in the 43rd Congressional District in the 2018 elections.

“When I realized Maxine Waters was my representative, I said, ‘Wow, this person is representing me? How are people electing this person year after year?'” Navarro said. “I started doing research and looking into her background and I did not see one candidate running a legitimate campaign against her in 27 years.”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Navarro said he is tired of seeing “liberal politicians that are running their own districts, their own counties down to the ground. Enough is enough.” He said he’s running in 2018 because “We have to do something about it and I’m not going to let our country fall apart.”

Navarro was born in Inglewood, California and spent a significant portion of his life in Hawthorne and Torrance. He said that played a significant role in his decision to run in the 43rd district against Waters, because he knows the region and its people. The 43rd District includes parts of South Central L.A., Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Torrance, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood and Lawndale.


The anti-Mad Maxine.

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