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Alan Dershowitz completely destroys Maxine Waters after she called him ‘racist’ for defending Trump


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Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz unloaded on Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Sunday after the California Democrat labeled him a “racist.”

It was revealed last week that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled two grand juries in his investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election. The probe includes an investigation into whether or not Trump’s campaign had inappropriate contacts with Russian officials. There is one grand jury in Virginia and another in Washington, D.C.


Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, made headlines when he said he thought Mueller has “stacked the deck” against Trump by impaneling a grand jury in Washington because the demographics of the area are heavily not in Trump’s favor. That means if a petty jury is ever convened for a trial, Trump’s defense attorneys could have a tough time finding a suitable panel of jurors.

Dershowitz said a petty jury convened in Northern Virginia would prove to be more favorable to Trump since Virginia is a swing-state. That’s just a lawyer’s line of thinking, Dershowitz said. After all, an attorney wants to get a jury that’s most favorable to his side.

But according to Waters, that line of thinking from Dershowitz is “absolutely racist.”

The liberal law professor, who has seemingly been on Trump’s “side” throughout the Russian investigation, was quick to hit back at Waters on “Fox and Friends” Sunday.

“Well, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Dershowitz said pointedly. “First of all, I wasn’t talking about the grand jury. I was talking about the petty jury. Grand jury doesn’t matter. A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor wants them to — so it doesn’t matter where the grand jury is.”

What does matter, Dershowitz explained, is where the trial would be located should the grand jury issue an indictment.

“Maxine Waters should know better,” Dershowitz said. “She knows that every experienced lawyer — white, black, Asian, Latino — knows that when you’re selecting a jury, factors like ethnicity, race and political affiliation matter.”


Mad Maxine versus the old teacher.

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