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How to Right the Ship


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How to Right the Ship

By Nicholas L. Waddy| August 3, 2017

Ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency, the media assault on him, his family, and his supporters has been blistering and relentless. As a result, millions of Americans—and billions of people around the world—have developed a warped, even demoniacal, impression of the sitting president of the United States.

 Nevertheless, given this media pummeling, Trump’s approval ratings, especially among Republicans, have held up remarkably well. Lately, though, there have been signs that even the president’s core supporters are wavering, and his poll numbers are dipping. We must analyze and address this alarming development in a clear-eyed way, and we must do what we can to rebuild public confidence in Trump, the Republican Party, and conservatives.

First, though: why the downward trend? President Trump and Republicans have weathered a number of setbacks recently. The media twisted a story about Donald Trump, Jr. seeking information on Democratic collusion with Russia into confirmation of Trump’s collusion with Russia—no small feat, given the utter absurdity of the underlying logic. :snip: 

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