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The EU Must Not Threaten the Sovereignty of Poland


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The European Union, which has long interfered in the affairs of sovereign European nations, looks to be meddling in the political affairs of Poland.
On Tuesday, July 25, the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, signed one of three controversial bills which would reform the judiciary to combat corruption, according to the ruling party. To the opposition, the proposed changes may lead to a more authoritarian form of government.
The arguments on both sides of this debate are persuasive.
Regardless of what one thinks about Poland’s judicial reform debate, this should remain a matter for the people of Poland to decide and nobody else. This is why the European Commission’s recent intervention is troubling.
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The European Commission, the unelected supranational governing body of the European Union (EU), was “very close … to triggering” the nuclear option, better known as Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union.
Article 7 gives the EU the power to strip a member state of its voting rights in the Council. For any EU member, this action would be a draconian measure and a further reduction of national sovereignty in the increasingly supranational EU.

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