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White House not a ‘dump’ for Trump, but others see signs of age


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Whether or not President Trump really called the White House “a dump,” he would not be alone with that view.
The Executive Mansion is 217 years old and has been rebuilt and remodeled several times. The world’s most important office address was never intended to be an office building.
Behind the iconic facade and aside from the imposing Oval Office, the West Wing is mainly a rabbit warren of cramped offices that seem inadequate for the powerful people who occupy them.

It’s not unheard-of for journalists to encounter mice or moldy carpets in the White House press room, which was a swimming pool until President Nixon converted it into a bowling alley.
Mr. Trump’s supposed estimation of his new digs emerged deep in a Sports Illustrated story about his love affair with golf. The president reportedly told a group of golfing companions, “That White House is a real dump.”
White House aides denied the quote, and then Mr. Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday night to rebut it personally.:snip:

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