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Minneapolis Continues Discussions on Restricting Menthol Products


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August 01, 2017


Minneapolis business owners have concerns about tobacco sales as the city considers an ordinance that would limit the sale of menthol cigarettes to tobacco stores.

Ahmad Alhawwari, owenr of Penn Wood Market on Glenwood Avenue, says 80 percent of his sales at his corner store on Glenwood Avenue are in tobacco. Alhawwari added that 70 percent of his sales in cigarettes are menthol. Because Alhawwari sells items in his store other than tobacco, he said the ordinance would be a death sentence. "I think it's a very bad decision," he said. 




"We need to create a tobacco free generation, that's what we're working on," she said. 

Alhawwari agrees cigarette smoking is bad, but said restricting menthol tobacco products is bad for his bottom line.  

"If I stay the way I am, I won't survive," he said.

The Minneapolis City Council Health, Environment and Community Engagement Committee will discuss whether to send the ordinance to the City Council at its meeting Wednesday morning. The meeting is at 9 a.m. at the Minneapolis City Hall.




Small question: Who smokes menthol cigarettes most? 

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